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 Contemporary Art
  At The Vanishing Point - Contemporary Art Inc.
565 King Street
(02) 9519 2340
0430 083 364
Gallery Hours:
Thursday - Sunday

21 July - 7 August 2011


Curated by Michael Petchkovsky


List of Artists:
Alex Gereg, Angela Stretch, Derek Carter, Ganbold Lundaa, Greg Petchkovsky, Jiann Hughes, Louise Steer, Michael Petchkovsky, Murasaki Penguin (Anna Kuroda  & David Kirkpatrick), Safdar Ahmed, Scott Barnes, Warren Armstrong, Zehra Ahmed.

Opening launch Thursday 21 July 6-9pm


We would like to feel we are effective agents in the courses of our personal lives, and more broadly in the shaping of the social structures we inhabit. Contemporary privatised and proprietary, consumer-oriented culture would ostensibly provide a user-friendly set of templates pre-packaged to meet our lifestyle needs.

However the Titanic monolith's apparent failings - whether we look to environmental crisis, war, media monopoly, or to disenfranchisement, alienation and disenchantment - present us with a cultural imperative. How can we reverse the situation, reclaim language and technologies and re-enchant our lives?

reverse=bread.from(crumbs) presents fourteen artists working across street arts and graffiti, media poetry, recycling, repurposing and bricolage, virtual sculpting, signals processing, projection, performance, electronics, audio and cultural exegesis. Reverse engineering, or hacking together better ways of living from materials and media found at hand.

reverse=bread.from(crumbs) is a function describing a creative transformation, the process of assembling available crumbs and bits and pieces into robust, sustainable and nourishing new wholes, by novel means.

Michael Petchkovsky, July 2011

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