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ACAB Collective
Rave cave of psychotropic nightmares

26 July - 19 August 2012

The Rave Cave Of Psychotropic Nightmares seeks an engagement similar to Duchamp's Posthumous work Etant
; a hidden tableau, visible only through select peep holes. Like finding a nightclub buried deep inside a
stormwater drain, the work will be a strange encounter.

Featuring a multi-media installation composed largely of throwaway trinkets and general urban detritus;
utilizing light, glitter, UV sensitive paint, strobe lights, a glowing tent, broken branches, colour changing
lamps, sound and
television - the Rave Cave is an ultraviolet DIY post-apocalyptic environment that
intimidates, entices,  disgusts and ensnares viewers in a fluorescent mystical vomit space mapping out a
collective psychosis of our throwaway society.

ACAB Collective (Ben Johnson, Gina Cuntstruct, Nickk Hertzog, Zinzi Cuntstruct) are Fine Arts Honours graduates from Monash University, 2010.

Read ACAB's exhibition essay here.

ACAB Collective: Rave cave of psychotropic nightmares 
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Rave cave of psychotropic nightmares / 2012 / mixed media / 3 x 3 x 3m

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