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Alex Wisser
Someone else's here

26 July - 19 August 2012

Someone Else's Here begins at the interface between self and world that manifests when one takes or even

looks at a photograph. Where does the subject begin and end, where the machine, where the medium, where

the world? Who makes a photograph when the majority of the decisions that fill its frame are made by

someone other than the photographer?

Does the perceiver stand on the periphery of what they perceive, or do they stand in the middle of it? Is an

intervention  necessary to the making of an image or is the making of an image necessarily an intervention?

These questions press against the membrane of the photographic picture plane until they spill out into the

world they interrogate, only to find themselves still there, blinking, stupid, without answer.


Someone else's here includes two series of large scale photography, one of long-lived-in interiors of houses

up for auction, the other of interiors of houses in rural NSW (Kandos) juxtaposed against exteriors of the said

rural and industrial landscape (particularly the abandoned brick works). Also featured are four performance

videos of the artist holding a brick, arms outstretched in four diverse Sydney commercial streetscapes, and an

installation of discarded objects (junk).

Alex Wisser is a Fine Arts Honours graduate from the National Art School, 2009.

He is a recent recipient of an Art Start grant from the Australia Council for the Arts.

Alex Wisser,  Someone else's here has been supported from funding of ATVPs Spotlight on Local & Emerging
Artists (SoLEA) Program by The Visual Arts & Craft Strategy and the NSW Government through Arts NSW, and from funding by
Marrickville Council's Arts Grants program.


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